NEW88 – Discover the Rules of Over and Under and the Algorithms in Over and Under

Online Sic Bo is a quite popular game in the betting market today. It is like other types of gambling, in this subject you can make a lot of money. So, over the years, this game has taken a considerable amount of experience Bookmaker NEW88 has accumulated over many years.

There are many rules in the current gambling market, especially Sic Bo. And if you want to learn these Sic Bo rules  Hey, please read the article below from us now.
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Concept of Over/Under rules

All game series have certain rules, Sic Bo is no exception. If you are a wise bettor, understanding the rules is essential to avoid the risk of losing and increase your winning rate. That’s why many veteran players are constantly finding new ways to play Sic Bo rules to help them understand and grasp the tricks of the game to win.

So, in the simplest terms, it is a “rule” that helps players predict the score for the next games. If you stick to it, you can make your betting decisions with higher odds of winning.

Important factors in Sic Bo rules

Over/Under is no different from other betting games. Each has its own rules, but from the perspective of research experts, Sic Bo produces results based on the dice. So it will give random results. According to actual surveys of experienced bettors, if we concentrate highly when betting and calculate appropriately, the win rate is very high, we can predict up to 80% of the results of the game. next. Here are the important influencing factors Sic Bo rules

Dice style

When participating in online Sic Bo, you will see how the principles of dice types have a great influence on the results of the points.

  • Usually 6 dice faces will appear according to the principle: If the number 1 appears on top, the opposite number will be number 2, the number 4 face opposite will be number 5 and the number 3 face will be 6.
  • The best way is to observe the first 5 games to see the rules of this game, there are people who shake the opposite face, sometimes they appear on the right or left side. Depending on the type of material the dice are made of, their jumping degree is different and the calculation rules of each dice are also not the same.

Dealer style

The dealer is the person who specializes in shaking the dice and has a direct impact on the dice. Dealer’s shaking technique is an extremely important factor.

  • Usually it is customary to shake up to 70%.
  • Therefore, the results returned will follow a specific demand, some people have 3 overs and 1 under, on the other hand, there are alternating overs and unders.

Betting capital

Over/Under Rules has a great influence on betting, it has a dominant quality:

  • The more crowded a door is, the harder it is to get out.
  • Which door usually has very few people placing very high odds of winning.

When you participate in Tai Xiu, you must clearly understand the rules of sicbo and its game rules. We have this formula to apply to the results of the next game to predict more accurately. The calculation formula in the game is as follows:

  • After shaking, the results of the 3 dice will appear.
  • We prove that the three dice faces are 1, 2, 5 to calculate their total.
  • Then, apply the formula: ( 1 + 2 + 5 ) + 3 – 8 = 3. So in the next game we will bet oddly.

Algorithm in Sic Bo

The algorithm in Sic Bo is a series of numbers, a formula calculated according to the prediction method. This calculation is summarized from previous games.

If you can solve the algorithm, it means you have grasped the principles and formulas of this subject. Only then will you easily reach the point of glory. We have seen that the algorithm in Sic Bo does not involve fixed guarantees. They change constantly, making players always have to be sharp.
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In addition to knowing the algorithms by heart, you also have to constantly reason so you can focus and make the most accurate decisions to win.

Sic Bo algorithm number table

142 136 324 453 125 633 122 212 633 533 122 323 414 425 122
154 432 414 425 165 123 143 254 413 231 233 456 653 526 532
142 112 526 324 454 344 232 221 342 234 321 235 142 152 137
162 432 671 632 556 521 422 123 233 124 235 243 432 431 112
114 321 125 362 613 515 123 321 212 125 126 515 653 262 543
454 543 313 145 143 343 466 423 536 122 211 433 122 153 132
163 542 612 132 431 443 351 562 165 521 351 546 515 521 332

When we observe closely, you will notice that these series of numbers are the faces of the dice after the results are released. Based on this algorithm, you will easily guess what numbers will come out in the next game. This is the data to find the rules that bring a higher chance of winning. Suppose in the first game, you see the result of the dice including 561, you choose the algorithm from 221. Thus, the next game will likely be an under from 221, the total is 5.

Based on the Sic Xiu algorithm and the ways to use the game rules, you can draw and apply them, thus increasing the winning rate to a very high level from 70 to 80%. The above article, casino NEW88 shared tips and important factors with you Over/Under Rules, hope you can apply it successfully in this Tai Xiu subject.

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