What is the 1-1.5 handicap? The most accurate way to read handicaps

Handicap is a popular type of betting today that many bettors prioritize when playing soccer betting. However, those who are new to the profession are probably still confused about this concept. That’s why in the following article Okvip Casino will help you better understand the concept What is the 1-1.5 handicap?
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What is the 1-1.5 handicap?

What is the 1-1.5 handicap? nice What is the 2 2.5 handicap?? This is a popular type of bet offered by bookmakers for players to choose from. Looking here you can see that it is a football match with a quite high difference in level of play between the two sides. Therefore, when playing this bet, you should be very careful and carefully research the two teams before participating.

Some popular ways to read odds today

Reading handicaps is an important part when participating in soccer betting, and currently there are many popular reading methods to help players better understand the odds and chances of winning. Here are some examples of popular odds reading:

  • What is the 0.5-1 handicap?? Which means whichever team wins the match, you will get money. 
  • What is the 0-0.5 handicap?? This means there is no points advantage and a draw will result in the bet returning. 
  • In case the upper team wins by 2 goals or more, for example: 2-0, 3-1, 4-1, 4-2,… then the player will win enough money when betting on the upper team. On the contrary, if you bet on the underdog, you will lose all your bets.
  • In case the upper team wins with only a difference of 1 goal (for example: 1-0, 2-1, 3-2, 4-3,…), you will lose 1/2 of the bet amount. If you place the lower bet, you will lose all your money.

What is a specific example of a 1-1.5 handicap?

Below is a specific example What is the 1-1.5 handicap? to help you better understand how it works:

Match: Barcelona vs. Real Madrid

  • Handicap: Barcelona -1.0, -1.5 Real Madrid
  • Odds: Barcelona 1.80, Real Madrid 2.00

In this case, the 1-1.5 handicap applies to Barcelona. This means they will be served with an advantage of 1 point and 1.5 points.

When you bet on Barcelona:

  • If Barcelona wins the match by a margin of 2 goals or more (e.g. 2-0, 3-1), you win and get your bet back according to the odds.
  • If Barcelona wins the match by a margin of 1 goal (e.g. 2-1, 3-2), you win and get half your bet back. Otherwise, if the score is tied, the player will lose all money.

When you choose to bet on Real Madrid:

  • When Real Madrid wins the match or draws, you will win and get your money back depending on the odds.
  • If Real Madrid loses the match by a difference of no more than 1 goal (e.g. 1-0, 2-1), you will win half your bet.

The above example illustrates how the 1-1.5 handicap works. Depending on the final result of the match, the score advantage will be given to the team.

Best experience playing 1-1.5 odds

After learn What is the 1-1.5 handicap?? as well as how to read it. Then we will introduce to you some of the most effective betting experiences:

  • You need to learn about the starting lineup of the two teams in the match.
  • What is the position of the two teams on the rankings to bet on?
  • Refer to the confrontation history of the two sides in the most recent matches.
  • Scoring performance to evaluate the strength of the two teams and the weather conditions or where the match takes place.

In short, playing the 1-1.5 handicap requires understanding of football. By applying the above experiences, you can increase your chances of winning and achieving good results in betting.

What are the things to note when playing handicap 1-1.5?

When participating and learning about What is the 1-1.5 handicap??, there are some important notes that you should consider to ensure your chances of winning:
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  • Understand clearly how to calculate score advantage (handicap) in the 1-1.5 handicap. This helps you understand the chances of winning and the risks when placing bets.
  • Consider the players’ recent form. The team that is playing well and has a record at home or away will have a higher chance of winning the bet.
  • Make decisions based on information and analysis, don’t let emotions influence you when betting.

In short, the 1-1.5 handicap requires an understanding of various forms of soccer betting. By applying the above notes, you can increase your chances of winning and achieving results when participating in betting.

Above is some information to learn What is the 1-1.5 handicap?? Through the article of Okvip Casino. Hopefully it will help you learn more experiences when participating in online soccer betting.

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