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Sungrow SG350HX-US: Empowering High-Yield Solar Projects with Utility On-grid Multi-MPPT String Inverter

String inverters play a pivotal role in the transformation of direct current (DC) from photovoltaic (PV) panels into alternating current (AC) that can be seamlessly fed into the electrical grid. These inverters find widespread use in residential and commercial solar power inverter projects, ranging from rooftop and carport installations to ground mount and tracker systems. Sungrow, a leading name in renewable energy solutions, offers a comprehensive range of string inverters, with the SG350HX-US standing out as a high-performance utility on-grid multi-MPPT solution specifically designed for 1500 Vdc systems.

Sungrow SG350HX-US: Empowering High-Yield Solar Projects with Utility On-grid Multi-MPPT String Inverter

High Yield with Unmatched Efficiency

The SG350HX-US boasts up to 16 Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPTs), ensuring optimal energy capture from diverse array configurations. With a maximum efficiency of 99%, it guarantees top-notch performance, maximizing power generation. The inverter supports up to 20A per string and is compatible with high-wattage modules, including 500Wp+, further enhancing its energy harvesting capabilities. Its data exchange capability with tracker systems further improves yield, ensuring efficient solar energy utilization.

Low Cost with Smart Features

Sungrow’s SG350HX-US prioritizes cost savings without compromising performance. The optional Q at night function helps save investment, ensuring efficient energy usage during low demand periods. The Power Line Communication (PLC) feature facilitates seamless communication between the inverter and external devices, streamlining data exchange and system integration. The Smart IV Curve diagnosis empowers active Operations and Maintenance (O&M), simplifying fault detection and resolution.

Grid Support and Compliance

With the SG350HX-US, solar projects benefit from robust grid support features. Its SCR (System Control Redundancy) of ≥1.15 enables stable operation even in extremely weak grids, enhancing grid resilience. The reactive power response time of <30ms ensures swift and precise control, contributing to grid stability. The inverter complies with global grid codes, meeting international regulatory standards.

Proven Safety for Reliable Operation

Sungrow prioritizes safety in the design of the SG350HX-US. With 2 strings per MPPT, there is no fear of string reverse connection, ensuring error-free operation. The integrated DC switch automatically cuts off faults, safeguarding the system and personnel. Real-time AC and DC insulation monitoring, operational round-the-clock, further enhances safety and system integrity.


Sungrow’s SG350HX-US utility on-grid multi-MPPT string inverter exemplifies the company’s commitment to delivering high-yield, reliable, and cost-effective solar solutions. With advanced features, grid support, proven safety, and unmatched efficiency, the SG350HX-US empowers solar projects to harness clean energy with utmost confidence. By choosing Sungrow’s SG350HX-US, developers can optimize energy generation, reduce costs, and contribute to a sustainable and greener future. Embrace the power of Sungrow and lead the way towards a brighter solar landscape.

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