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Introducing Hanshow’s Lumina Edge: Transforming Retail Shelves into Dynamic Marketing Spaces

In today’s competitive retail landscape, capturing customers’ attention and driving sales are crucial. Hanshow, a leading provider of retail technology solutions, presents Lumina Edge, an innovative digital shelf tags series that revolutionizes traditional shelf displays. With its vibrant LCD screens and dynamic content capabilities, Lumina Edge transforms retail shelves into eye-catching points of sale. Let’s explore the features and benefits of this cutting-edge technology.

Easy Installation and Complete Solution

Lumina Edge is designed for convenience. It comes fully loaded with the necessary software and content players, making installation hassle-free. When you choose Lumina Edge, you receive a complete solution that includes hardware, software, accessories, and customized sizing and appearance options, ensuring seamless integration into your store environment.

Captivating FHD Display

The FHD display of Lumina Edge offers a wide viewing angle of over 178 degrees, ensuring continuous visibility for customers as they walk by. With its high-resolution screen, your promotions and product information will be presented in stunning clarity, captivating potential buyers.

Boosting Sales and Branding

Lumina Edge is a game-changer for both retailers and brands. For retailers, it offers a powerful tool to boost sales efficiency. Dynamic video promotions displayed on the shelf edge grab customers’ attention, ensuring they don’t miss out on your special offers. You can even categorize promotions to automatically display at specific times, strategically promoting products or increasing sales of top-selling items.

For product brands, Lumina Edge opens up new avenues for in-store marketing. With creative video content directly at the physical point of sale, you can enhance sales and brand recognition. Lumina Edge empowers you to showcase your products in a visually captivating manner, leaving a lasting impression on customers.


Hanshow’s Lumina Edge digital shelf tag series is a game-changer for retailers and brands alike. With its easy installation, synchronized content capabilities, and captivating FHD display, Lumina Edge transforms retail shelves into dynamic marketing spaces. Boost your sales, engage customers, and create unforgettable shopping experiences with Lumina Edge. Stay ahead of the competition and embrace the future of retail marketing with Hanshow’s innovative technology.

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