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Experience the Future with BAKO’s Flying Drone 2.0 Series

BAKO‘s Flying Drone 2.0 Series introduces a cutting-edge ultra-thin and super light design that revolutionizes the world of commercial digital signage displays. With a minimalist and asymmetric aesthetic, these displays boast an ultra-thin profile that adds a touch of elegance to any environment. The single cabinet weight of only 6KG makes them incredibly lightweight and easy to handle, simplifying the installation process. Additionally, the no module frame design ensures faster and more convenient installation, saving time and effort.

Front Service and Front Installation

BAKO understands the importance of easy maintenance and quick access to components. That’s why their Flying Drone 2.0 Series supports front service and front installation. With wall-mounted installation options, these displays can be seamlessly integrated into any space. The front service feature allows for easy access to modules, HUB boards, cards, and power supplies, enabling efficient maintenance and minimizing downtime. Moreover, the displays offer a super wide viewing angle, ensuring an immersive visual experience from any perspective.

High Gray Scale with Low Luminance

BAKO’s Flying Drone 2.0 Series is designed to deliver exceptional image quality. These displays feature low luminance and high gray scale capabilities, allowing for the accurate showcasing of shaded details. Whether it’s a video conference, monitoring application, or any other content that requires precision and clarity, the Flying Drone 2.0 Series ensures a seamless splicing screen that brings visuals to life.

Product Parameters

The Flying Drone 2.0 Series from BAKO is packed with impressive specifications that guarantee top-notch performance. With various pixel pitch options, lamp types, pixel density, and brightness levels, you can choose the perfect configuration to suit your specific needs. The front service feature simplifies maintenance, while the die-casting aluminum cabinet material ensures durability and longevity, even in demanding environments.


In conclusion, BAKO’s Flying Drone 2.0 Series represents the future of commercial digital signage displays. With its ultra-thin and super light design, front service and front installation capabilities, high gray scale with low luminance, and impressive product parameters, BAKO is pushing the boundaries of innovation in the industry. Experience the future today with BAKO’s Flying Drone 2.0 Series and elevate your digital signage displays to new heights.

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