Enhance Broiler House Lighting with Hontech Wins’ LED Solutions in Australia

Hontech Wins, a trusted LED light supplier, offers advanced lighting solutions tailored for broiler houses. In an Australian broiler house project, Hontech Wins successfully implemented their HT-T12AC30W15FD dimmable T12 LED tube lights, coupled with the HT-DIM-045L iDimmer, to optimize lighting conditions for broiler growth and welfare. As a leading LED light supplier, Hontech Wins is committed to delivering high-quality solutions that enhance productivity and well-being in broiler houses.

Tailored LED Lighting for Broiler Houses:

Hontech Wins’ HT-T12AC30W15FD dimmable T12 LED tube lights are specifically designed to meet the unique lighting requirements of broiler houses. With a length of 1500mm and a power rating of 28-30W, these LED tube lights deliver efficient and consistent lighting performance. The 6000K color temperature provides a cool white light that promotes optimal broiler growth and development.

Enhanced Lighting Control with iDimmer:

The HT-DIM-045L iDimmer offers enhanced lighting control capabilities for broiler houses. With a power capacity of 4500W and four lighting zones (4L), the iDimmer allows precise dimming and programming of the LED tube lights. Farmers can adjust the lighting intensity according to specific requirements and create customized lighting programs to optimize broiler growth and performance.

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Choose Hontech Wins as Your LED Light Supplier:

Hontech Wins has earned a solid reputation as a reliable LED light supplier, committed to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service. Their extensive range of LED lighting solutions for broiler houses ensures efficient and effective lighting performance, promoting the welfare and productivity of broilers. By partnering with Hontech Wins, broiler farmers in Australia can benefit from reliable and tailored LED lighting solutions for their broiler houses.


Hontech Wins’ successful broiler house project in Australia showcases their expertise as a leading LED light supplier. The implementation of their HT-T12AC30W15FD dimmable T12 LED tube lights, along with the HT-DIM-045L iDimmer, has optimized lighting conditions for broiler growth and welfare. Farmers can trust Hontech Wins to provide high-quality LED lighting solutions that enhance broiler operations in Australia and beyond. Choose Hontech Wins as your trusted LED light supplier and unlock the potential of their advanced LED solutions for your broiler house.

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