Achieve Precise Antenna Measurements with Sunyield’s SY-128 System

Sunyield, a trusted name in antenna measurement solutions, presents the cutting-edge SY-128 system. This powerful and versatile antenna measurement system supports both active and passive measurements, offering unparalleled accuracy. With a remarkable density of 2.608° probe, the SY-128 system is specifically designed for measuring base station antennas and large antennas, ensuring precise results for critical applications.

Unmatched Accuracy for Base Station Antennas

Sunyield’s SY-128 system sets a new standard for accuracy in base station antenna measurements. The density of 2.608° probe ensures highly precise data collection, enabling businesses to optimize their antenna performance and ensure seamless communication networks. With Sunyield’s advanced technology, base station antenna measurements become more reliable and efficient than ever before.

Versatility for Large Antennas

Large antennas require specialized measurement systems, and Sunyield’s SY-128 system is built to meet those needs. Whether for satellite communication, broadcasting, or other large-scale applications, this system delivers exceptional accuracy and reliability. With its comprehensive capabilities, businesses can confidently measure and validate the performance of their large antennas, ensuring optimal functionality and signal transmission.


Sunyield‘s SY-128 system revolutionizes antenna measurements with its exceptional accuracy and versatility. Designed specifically for base station antennas and large antennas, this advanced system empowers businesses to optimize their communication networks and ensure peak performance. Trust Sunyield to provide you with the cutting-edge solutions you need for precise antenna measurements, enabling you to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

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